Find Out Various Types of Baby’s Blankets

Find Out Various Types of Baby’s Blankets

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A baby blanket is the most cherished item that is given to a newborn. From the moment babies are born, they need security and warmth of a soft and tender blanket. Blankets help babies to fall and stay asleep. They are available in different materials and designs for you to choose from. You will select blankets that fit your need from the beddings and baby blankets on Tiny People for your baby.  Each type of a blanket is used for a different occasion and it’s paramount that you should be aware of its function. The following are four major types of baby’s blankets.

Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets are the most multifunctional and resourceful blankets for the babies. They are lightweight, simple blankets and usually big in size. They make very good baby play mats because they are big enough to give your baby space to roll, crawl, play and sleep. Receiving blankets help mothers to breastfeed as they drape them across the baby for privacy and comfort.

Crib Blankets

Crib blankets are usually larger in size compared to other blankets found on the beddings and baby blankets on Tiny People. They are very fancy and come with various colors, patterns and fabrics. Crib blankets are mostly used when children are having supervised outdoor activities. Pediatricians advise that you should never leave a child in a crib blanket at night. Crib blankets are mostly used during the day when children are playing and having fun.

Swaddling Blankets

They keep the baby enveloped providing calm, comfort and relaxation. Swaddling is the process of wrapping a cover all round a baby’s body. It helps soothe the baby to sleep as the cocoon effect from the blanket can practically resemble the mother’s womb.   Most of the young kids enjoy to be swaddled and more specifically the newborns. Not many parents know how to swaddle because learning the art of swaddling is usually very tricky. Swaddling blankets is specially made for swaddling purpose and this makes the process simple and easy. They are very comfortable for babies when wrapped around them.

Security Blankets

Security blankets provide comfort for the infants. They usually have stuffed animal shapes and some funny items connected to them. They are made of spongy plush and fleece and are very durable as children become attached to them even when they glow old. Most people prefer personalizing the security blankets to make them special when the baby grows up. They are specially designed to provide comfort to the kids and relieve stress.

Most parents at the beddings and baby blankets on Tiny People prefer cotton cellular blankets. These blankets help keep the babies at favorable temperature. Baby’s blankets come with different colors and designs to suit your taste. The blankets are designed in different ways to suit various babies’ needs. Children use the security blankets mostly while sleeping or while visiting new places. Acrylic cellular blankets are excellent during winter seasons while cozy, soft and lightweight summer blankets are reserved for the hot seasons.