Yucca – Does Yucca Work?

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On July 19, 2012
Last modified:April 10, 2014


Yucca for dogs: Overview

Yucca for dogs is derived from the Yucca herbal plant and is proven as effective in removing the build up of toxins which have been found to lead arthritic conditions.

Yucca for dogs: Details

Research into the Yucca root (a derivative of the Lily), shows effective relief in arthritis in humans and subsequently has been engineered by manufacturers for its use in dogs. Studies show that arthritic symptoms can be a consequence of the build up of toxins within the body. The Yucca root helps to promote flora growth in the intestinal tract thus minimizing or even eliminating toxins in the body. This leads to improved absorption of essential vitamins and minerals in the digestive tract. Yucca root is high in vitamins A, B and C which helps to minimize joint pain associated with arthritis by soothing joints, tissues and cartilage. It also reduces inflammation, improves joint flexibility, circulation and blood flow whilst promoting tissue repair and new tissue growth. Dosing and cost widely vary depending on where you purchase this product. It is available in many different formulas from eye drops to liquid drops and capsules. Some products also contain Yucca and Glucosamine and chondroitin found in many joint supplements on the market.

Good about Yucca for dogs

  • Helps remove harmful toxins associated with arthritic pain whilst aiding digestion.
  • Provides a holistic natural approach to joint care which may be safer and have fewer side effects than prescriptive medications.
  • Available in many forms and from a wide variety of manufacturers.
  • Can be safely mixed with other medications to reduce the need for steroids which are harsher on the stomach.
  • Effective for allergies.
  • A wide variety of products available containing Yucca as well as other joint supplement ingredients.

Bad about Yucca for dogs

  • May cause mild stomach upset.
  • Is not a cure for the arthritic condition, only a treatment.
  • It has to be measured in correct dosage or an overdose could occur, leading to poisoning.
  • May require dilution before use.
  • Dogs that are overweight or have diabetes must have their blood sugar levels taken regularly while on this medication .


Yucca root is a widely available product and can be found from many manufacturers. It is a natural alternative to prescription medications however it may prove time consuming due to the necessity to dilute the formula according to your dog’s weight. It is also not suitable for dogs with diabetes as it requires close blood glucose monitoring by your veterinarian which may prove costly.  It may be more suitable for younger dogs.