Hartz Joint Care – Does Hartz Joint Care Work?

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On July 27, 2012
Last modified:April 10, 2014


Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs: Overview

The manufacturer Hartz® describe their formula as being “precisely formulated” with Glucosamine and Vitamin C for hip and joint mobility, healthy cartilage, joint function and strong health bones. Hartz®Joint Care™ is described as being excellent for injured or aging dogs experiencing stiffness.

Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs: Details

Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs is available in a natural seafood flavor tablet. The product helps dogs recover from soreness, stiffness and loss of mobility in joints. They can be purchased from many third party websites, including reputable stores such as Walmart. This product is also available for cats. Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs, costs approximately $8 for 60 chew tablets, although prices vary depending on the site. The dosage is 1 chew tab per 20lbs of body weight. For temporary relief of pain, Hartz® recommends using Hartz® aspirin along with regular use of their joint care product.

Good about Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs

Hartz Joint Care
Hartz Joint Care
  • Manufacturer website includes detailed information regarding general dog health
  • Can sign up to receive offers and promotions from site
  • Easy to administer chewable tablets
  • Positive reviews regarding this product can be found on third party websites
  • Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs is quality assured by the  NASC

Bad about Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs

  • Not much product specific information on the manufacturer website including how the product works. More information can be found from internet searches and third party websites
  • Cannot buy directly from website


The manufacturer website does not give any information on how Hartz®Joint Care™ really works however further information can be found from third party websites which sell the product. The product does contain Chondroitin and Glucasomine, ingredients found in most other supplements and with proven effectiveness in alleviating symptoms related to joint pain. Hartz®Joint Care™ for Dogs carries the NASC quality seal so consumers can be assured they are buying from a reputable manufacturer. The seal confirms the manufacturer has completed a facility audit of specific quality control standards and sets this apart from some of its competitors in terms of product quality. If you are looking for a standard Chondroitin and Glucasomine product this may prove competitive in terms of price per day.