Grooming a St Bernard – What you need to know

The St Bernard’s heart is as big as his body. The monks in the Swiss Alps used this dog to rescue travelers, tying brandy bottles around his neck and using them to pull carts. With their gentle temperament, they make amazing pets. With need of moderate exercise, they are happy living in a house with a small backyard, but prefer the country side.

Grooming the St Bernard is the best time you can spend with your pet. They have a gentle temperament and love to socialize. Nothing pleases them more than being close to their owner and spending time with them, be it outdoor activities, grooming or just sitting near their owner. The St Bernard has either a long coat or a short coat. Both need proper grooming as both shed. The short court version is preferred, as the long coat is more suitable for harsher and colder climates like the mountains. The double dense coat is weather resistant which needs proper cleaning and grooming.

Grooming a St Bernard
• Coat Care
Brush your pet at least two times a week with a wide tooth brush. Comb through the fur and run your fingers to remove the tangles or mats. It the mats are too complex you will have to cut them. Cut the mat in such a way so as to save most of the coat. The beauty of the St Bernard is the silky, shiny coat. Use a grooming rake to remove any loose hair from the undercoat

• Bath
Use warm water in a tub to bathe your pet as and when required. Wet the coat, squirt the dog shampoo, and work into a thick lather all over the body avoiding the head. Rinse thoroughly so no soap remains on the body as this can irritate the skin. Gently wipe the face with a damp cloth. Towel dry and then blow dry your pet’s coat as any damp areas are a breeding ground for bacteria.

• Feet
Trim the fur on the feet to prevent matting as this can cause discomfort to your pet

• Nails
Trim the nails every four to six weeks. Take care not to clip the ‘quick’ as this can cause bleeding

• Ears
Clean your pet’s ears every month and check for infection every week. Squirt a dog cleaning solution into the ear and massage the base for 15-20 seconds. Once you hear the squishing sound of the liquid move aside. Your pet will shake his head to throw the solution out of the ears. Wipe with a soft cloth removing all the debris and wax buildup. Do not use Q tip which may push the debris further into the inner ear canal

• Eyes
Wipe the eyes with a soft, damp cloth. The tearing may cause staining which will make the coat look ugly. Follow the eye wiping routine every week or when you see the mucus

• Teeth
Brush your St Bernard’s teeth three times a week to remove plaque and prevent tartar buildup

Groom your pet to make them look handsome and ensure that they receive regular, moderate exercise to keep them healthy.

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