Grooming a Rottweiler – What you need to know

The Rottweiler is medium or large sized dog, weighing up to 120 pounds. These bulky dogs have a flat face, short muzzle, close set eyes, and ears that droop down close to the head. They also have a black coat with the distinct tan mark and have a noble appearance. Basically being herd dogs, they are amazing companions as they are highly social and love people, family, and the outdoors.

Grooming a Rottweiler

Grooming a Rottweiler includes not only brushing the coat but also their eyes, ears, feet and teeth.


Rottweilers do not need bathing too often unless they play or roll in the mud daily or in dirty outside areas. Bathing often causes the skin to dry, so use a gentle moisturizing shampoo to bathe them. Begin the bathing routine when they are a puppy so they become used to it as it becomes harder when they age and become larger as adults. Try to bathe them twice a week.

Brushing the coat

Keep the coat clean and shiny with regular brushing. Brushing twice a week with a firm bristle brush keeps the coat shiny, healthy, and makes your pet feel happy too. Brush more often during shedding period.

Cleaning Teeth

Open your pet’s mouth gently, and move your fingers around the teeth, lips, and tongue. Gently introduce him to the dog toothpaste and toothbrush regime. Yes all of their 42 teeth need to be cleaned for good health.


The ears flop down gently to touch the head. Lift the ears and wipe around these with a soft moist wash cloth. Make a mixture of vinegar and water, spray in the ears and gently massage the base until the mixture can be heard swishing. Move away to let your pet shake their head, to remove all the water from the ear. Do not use Q tips or clean too deeply, as this can push the debris deeper inside. Keep the areas around the ears dry as they are prone to becoming a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infection. Check for ear mites, particularly if your dog loiters out daily.


Eyes really don’t need much cleaning as there is no third eyelid present to cause tear stains. With a moist cotton ball, gently wipe around the eyes. If there is extra mucus or discharge, visit the vet to rule out any infection.


Feet need special attention for this bulky breed of dog. Hold your pet’s paw and reward him/praise them every time they let you do it. Touch each toe and exert pressure to a point where the nail is lifted. Check between toes and pads for any foreign particle or debris.

Nail Trimming

The end of the nail is dead tissue, but the ‘quick’ is where the blood flows. Carefully trim the nails without cutting the quick which will make the nail bleed. Notice the difference in color of the nail and the quick. Be careful when you trim the nail and reward your pet when he lets you clip his nails.

Grooming your Rottweiler is very rewarding as it not only keeps your pet looking good, but it also gives him a healthy life too. Love your pet and remember to devote time to groom him.

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