Eye Care for Shih Tzu – Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

Eye care for a Shih Tzu is a very important component of keeping your dog happy and healthy. Since this breed has large eyes, they are more susceptible to certain eye issues. As a pet owner, you should allow yourself once a week to clean its ears and look for signs of any health issues. When cleaning your dog’s ears, use a soft white cloth, moist with warm water. You should wipe the cloth around each eye, paying special attention to the skin folds. If there are heavy skin folds, a cotton swab is useful and helps to remove any excess moisture once the cleaning is finished. Excess moisture leads to the accumulation of bacteria, yeast, or fungal infections. As you clean your dog’s eyes, watch out for any signs of eye issues. Signs that your pet may have eye problems, include avoidance of bright lights, cloudiness to the eyes, excessive discharge from eyes, swelling within or around the eyes, redness, and your pet may paw at their eyes. There are five common eye problems that may occur with your Shih Tzu. Early detection can lead to better recovery.

Shih Tzu Eye Care


These usually occur from the age of 8 years of age, since this is genetic health issue for dogs. Nevertheless, dogs may also develop cataracts due to injury. Cataracts affect your pet’s vision and may lead to blindness. Surgery should be performed to remove the cataract and prevent blindness, although some scars may form, which reduces clear vision.

Corneal Ulcers

This is a canine eye condition in which the dog’s eye develops an ulcer. This is usually caused by eye injury such as when the eye is scratched by a foreign object. If your pet closes their eyes often, keeps an eye half open, or has excessive tear drops, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. Treatment includes application of eye drops to lubricate the eye, decrease swelling, and reduce pain until the tear is repaired naturally.


Common sings of infection include symptoms of redness or swelling around the dog’s eyes, excess discharge, or an aversion to bright lights. An anti-bacterial eye drop solution is usually the best medication once infection is found in your dog’s eyes.

Eyelash Issues

A Distichia is an eyelash that grows on unusual areas on the eyelid and can occur in the Shih Tzu breed. Trichiasis is the name given to an ingrown eyelash and can cause a great discomfort for the dog unless treatment is given. Often you will be able to see the offending lash, if not you will notice that your dog rubs their eyes or face against furniture or carpets. The most common treatment is electrolysis to remove the lash permanently.