Eye Care for Poodle- Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

Neglecting your Poodle’s eye health can lead to eye infections and other eye problems such as dry eye and tear stains. Proper eye care is required to keep the poodle tear-stain free. Clean the eyes daily with a soft cloth or cotton ball that is moistened in warm water. Remove the debris entrapped in the tears/mucus which hardens up and can make your pet uncomfortable.

Eye Care for Poodle

The hardening of debris or other foreign particles can cause irritation, infection, and sore eyes. Remove the debris with the cloth, comb gently under the eyes with a fine toothed flea comb. Carefully clip the stained hair around the eyes with a blunt pair of scissors. Stained fur makes the poodle look ugly. Be careful that the clipped hair does not get into the eyes as hair causes scratching on the cornea. The scratch on the cornea is an ideal place for bacteria to grow and cause infection so it is advisable to keep the hair around the eyes trimmed.

Pay attention to your pet’s eyes especially when you groom them. Look out for discharge that is abnormal. As the owner of this lovable breed, it is your responsibility to look for symptoms that indicate some major eye issues.

Eye Disorders in Poodles

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy- is an age related condition where the retina shrinks and causes blindness which can be irreversible
  • Iris Atrophy- is a condition in which the iris shrivels, usually due to aging and currently there is no cure
  • Distichiasis- is the growth of an extra row of eyelashes which are stiff and hard. These can be surgically removed
  • Entropion- here, the eyelids roll, the eyelashes cause scratching to the cornea which affects eyesight. This can be surgically treated
  • Micropthalmos – describes a condition where eyes are much smaller than normal and is a birth defect
  • Epiphora – this leads to excessive tearing which may be a symptom of other eye ailments such as ulcers or duct compression. A vet can decide the right course of treatment
  • Cataracts – these are usually age related problems although they may affect the your pet when young such as at 6 months of age
  • Hermeralopia – also known as day blindness is observed in miniature or toy poodles

A little observation on your part will easily help you to identify the symptoms and provide medical attention quickly. If your pet rubs his eyes with its paw or rubs the face against the furniture, carpet or your leg, it indicates that there is irritation in the eyes. Poodles are weepy eyed by nature, look for extra ‘tearing’ which is abnormal and requires immediate professional attention. Your veterinarian will check the eyes and advise proper medication before the issue grows into a major eye problem.

Healthy eyes are those which are moist but clear. Look for swelling, mucus discharge, extra tearing, cloudiness, or infection in the eyes which require immediate medical attention. Take your pet to the vet and let him decide the problem and course of treatment which will keep your loyal companion healthy.

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