Eye Care for Bloodhound – Symptoms, Signs, and Treatment

Looking at the affectionate eyes of your Bloodhound, you will find a lot of satisfaction. This is probably one of the reasons that many people keep a pet and dogs have been the companions of man since ages. Though they have come in use in different ways, having a dog around gives an emotional satisfaction to many people. This breed of dog is also seen as pets in many homes. Although, this is not a common pet, increasingly, many American families are seeking well bred Bloodhounds for their homes.

Simply bringing a puppy to the house is not enough. You will have to consider various aspects of raising it and taking care of it. This breed is still a sensitive animal, and inside the house, it can be playful with kids and obedient to the masters. Many people have their pets trained by professional trainers. You can also do the same, along with providing some basic training and care yourself. Eye care is particularly important for this breed.

Even though your Bloodhound comes with lots of interesting characteristics, it has its downsides related to health. Eyes are particularly prone to certain conditions like the ectropion, which is drooping of the eyelids. Due to the extra skin on the forehead, the eyelids get more pressure and droops, covering a part of the eyes. This happens more when the head is lowered. To correct such instances of ectropion, there will be need of surgery.

Eye care in your Bloodhound has to be routine. You need to take care to keep the eyes clean, at least once in a week. After consultations with a veterinarian, one can use proper eye solutions for cleaning the eyes. These solutions can be dropped in the eyes. Also, they can be put on moist tissue paper or towels and wiped over the eyes. Corneal ulcerations can be prevented if this is done regularly. With the dust particles on the cornea, scratches are common, and these need to be wiped away as quickly as possible. For this reason, regular care of the eyes is advised for your Bloodhound. Infections of different varieties are also common and symptoms include redness of the conjunctiva. These also lead to purulent discharges which cover the sides of the eyelids. Conjunctivitis can be due to many kinds of microorganisms as well as during certain seasons. Medicated antibiotic solutions are required to be applied to your pet’s eyes during such diseases. Whenever there is redness, teary or purulent discharge from the eyes of your Bloodhound, become careful to start some medication. Eyes are important and to help your pet maintain its perfect vision pet owners should ensure than upon marking any abnormality, the necessary treatment is sought.

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