Affenpinscher Anxiety Problems? – Signs and Treatments

The Affenpinscher is a wonderful breed and like all dogs they want to be the centre of attention in the family, unfortunately they can also develop anxiety. Anxiety can lead to a change in your pet’s behaviour. If you care for your dog and if you are worried about the change in behavior then you must have to find the cause of the problem’s root.

Affenpinscher Anxiety Problems

Symptoms of anxiety problem

If an Affenpinscher is facing anxiety problems then try to solve this matter as soon as possible. Within this time period you can notice unusual behavior and some symptoms including excessive barking, biting, aggression, room to room chasing and chewing your personal things. These are the probable cause for catching our attention towards him.

Cause of anxiety problem

There are several causes of the Affenpinscher’s anxiety problem.

  • Experiencing irritation and getting too much pressure from his master may be the main cause of the problem.
  • Dogs become habituated by following a certain routine. Any change in his daily routine may lead him towards anxiety problems.
  • When a newborn baby is added to your family then the Affenpinscher may no longer be the main attention of your family. This lack of attention may be the reason of unusual behavior.
  • Leaving your dog at home alone in a stormy weather and travelling without a good preparation may be the cause of anxiety.

Dogs are social animals so anxiety is a common problem among them. This problem is completely curable by paying some attention and by giving them some more time.

Steps for dog anxiety treatment

There are a number of ways to solve your dog’s anxiety problem.

  • Most of the dogs suffer from symptoms which mimic anxiety due to food allergies from low grade food. Provide them good quality food, not the cheap corn-based products.
  • Vets recommend a specific training for behavior modification and desensitization as a treatment. The training takes time and it will gradually decrease the anxiety. Training must be done with great care, not based on punishment.
  • Nowadays there are many types of medications available on the market. These products claim that they will help to make your dog’s behavior calmer without doing any harm to them. But the medicines must be prescribed by the vet as they have side effect and allergic reaction. That may be the cause of liver damage, depression and vomiting.

Anxiety is not a problem which can be taken lightly. It needs proper treatment and medicines and you must be willing to take the time to work with your pet to reduce anxiety problems. Early treatment is important to prevent symptoms from worsening over time.

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