Actistatin – Does Actistatin Work?

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On September 22, 2012
Last modified:April 10, 2014

Actistatin for dogs: Overview

Actistatin is described by its manufacturers GLC direct, as a new clinical breakthrough which improves joint supplement absorption. A dietary nutritional supplement available for dogs, it helps fight joint paint due to aging or injury by targeting joints, bones and soft tissues. It is available in an easy to use soft chew which works with the dogs’ natural digestive process. The ingredients target inflammation, fight free radicals and provides beneficial antioxidants and fatty acids. An equine specific product is also available.


Actistatin for dogs: Details

Formerly GLC 5500RX which includes the patented formula Glucosamine and Chrondroitin, Actistatin includes a new patent pending formula which increases the absorption of the four bio-available glucosamine forms as well as Chrondroitin, Ascorbate and Manganese.  Dosing depends on dog size, and a full list of ingredients can be found on the website. The website only distributes to licensed veterinarians who in turn are eligible to sell to the public. Lists of participating veterinarians in your area are listed. You can purchase this product directly from third party websites, including the main manufacturers’ website GLC direct. The product is available for different dog sizes. The average cost for large dog soft chews is $69.99 for 120 chews. The website provides links to clinical studies for veterinarians to access however consumers can find clinical studies of a similar product Actistatin for equines through internet searches. Customer support and testimonials can also be found on this site as well as on third party websites.

Good about Actistatin for Dogs

  • Clinical studies for Actistatin for Dogs available for Veterinarians and studies available to consumers for the equine version of the product.
  • Clinical studies confirm improvement in symptoms of lameness in horses, suggesting this product does deliver significantly higher levels of Glu/Chon to previous products such as GLC 5500.
  • Website is easy to navigate and lists customer contact details, testimonials, ingredients and links for veterinarians providing more detailed information
  • Products cater to a variety of dog sizes.
  • Available in the UK and EU

Bad about Actistatin for Dogs

  • The Actistatin website only distributes to licensed veterinarians. Consumers can buy directly GLC direct website or third party websites where security may not be guaranteed.
  • No mention of money back guarantee
  • No mention of how long it can take to see results
  • Some technical problems accessing certain links on the Actistatin website

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An important consideration for this product is the availability of clinical

studies and the willingness of the manufacturer to work closely with licensed veterinarians. Although it would useful to see the canine related clinical studies these are available to your veterinarian. This gives credence to the product and its proven effectiveness suggests it is priced well as compared to its competitors.